Wake Up Coffee Key


While a coffee's flavor can change dramatically from region to region. The origin of a coffee generally helps categorize coffee into broad groupings of qualities and flavors such as body and acidity.

We Taste

Tasting notes directly from our roasters to help you find a coffee blend you’ll love.


A coffee's variety describes the broad characteristics of the coffee plant itself separate from the geographic region it's from. This includes its species, it's yield, caffeine levels, and overall heartiness.


The processing method can drastically affect the final quality and flavor of roasted coffee. Wake Up Coffee roasters use the processing method of their coffees to help create unique blends suited to a wide variety of tastes.


The elevation of a coffee's point of origin can drastically affect the flavor of a coffee. Generally, higher elevations have harsher growing conditions which produce a more nuanced flavor profile while lower elevations produce a softer flavor that's suited to gentler palettes.


Where possible we provide information into the production practices of Wake Up's coffees.