• Turrialba Aquiares

Turrialba Aquiares

Curious Coffee

Interesting, complex, and approachable.

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This is a single batch crop hand selected for its juicy sweetness and over all sweet complexity. The coffee is a Honey Anaerobic process. It is first fermented for 16-24 hours with all oxygen vacuumed out. This slows down the oxygenation and allows for more sweetness. The final Honeyed process is left out to dry with parts of the cherry still on the bean.

  All the coffee from Aquiares is grown at a high altitude: from 820 to 1,400 meters (2,700 to 4,600 feet) above sea level. The terrain allows for varieties like Caturra to flourish in the rich volcanic soil, cool night temperature and high humidity.

We Taste: Green Apple, Red Currant, Sweet
 Turrialba Aquiares, Costa Rica
Variety: F1 Centroamericano(Sarchimor x Rume Sudan)
Processing: Anaerobic Honeyed